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Poker, politics, philosophy
April 29th, 2014 
10:20 am - link dump
You're not as busy as you think you are. Or, even if you are -- you will feel a lot less busy if you just stop talking about it all the time!

I've often been a bit skeptical about how helpful the minimum wage is. I looked into the empirical research a while ago, and it was pretty inconclusive either way. But one thing I hadn't considered: the higher the minimum wage is, the more likely a minimum wage job is to be replaced by a robot.

And just in case you think that's too speculative, there's already at least one company with a burger flipping product on the market!

On a cheerier note, a 14-year-old has figured out a way for the government to save a hundred million dollars: change typefaces. Alas, the rewards are too diffuse for anyone to bother. Also, it's probably not true anyway.

The article did teach me that there's a peer viewed journal for kids.

Hooray for science! Except that science is hard. All research involving mammals might be confounded by the scent of male researchers.

If you were thinking about trading stocks, you should know the game is rigged. I mean, people have been saying it for a long time. But Michael Lewis explains how one set of people figured out how the game is rigged, precisely, and are building an exchange where that isn't true. So, surprisingly, it seems to be going well.

What's not going so well? Lethal animal attacks on humans. What's your guess for the worst culprit?
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